The Do’s And Don’t In Your First Date

Going out on your first date can be brain tasking, especially if it happens to be your first date with your new partner.

You just want to get everything right; you want to create the gentleman’s perfect status and leave a lasting impression on your date.

But there are some things that can make a perfectly planned date to become such a horrible nightmare and such things are the DONTS in your first date.

One of the don’ts in a first date is NEVER keep your date waiting! getting late to a pre-arranged meeting can be counter productive for the both of you .what your late coming tells about you is that you are irresponsible

If you could keep your date constantly glancing at the wall clock every single seconds what you have done is to create an atmosphere that is uncondusive for you and your partner.

But the other way round can be very rewarding, in that, it gives you an opportunity to think about How, and What you are going to do if your partner shows up. coming to a date 5-10 minutes before a scheduled meeting gives you an edge and also calm your nerves.

Another attitude you must not exhibit is the way you apologize on your first date. when you apologise to every mistake you make it only tell your partner that you are not a confident man

No I’m not saying you shouldn’t apologize, if the need is necessary, you just have to [remember you are a gentleman] but just because its your first date with her and you want to leave a lasting impression of Mr. nice guy does not mean you have to apologise all the way through your meeting.

What most women want during their first date are men and not boys. A man that can take control of good or ugly situations. A man that can turn mistakes into opportunity.

When you talk too much about yourself on your first date it kills the satisfaction you could have gotten from getting to know her more. You don’t want your whole profile read on one single evening!

Say a little about yourself and you do the listening. let her do the talking. When you go on and on to talk about how and where you where born, to the best car your father ever rode, and why your mom has to change her name from Cordelier to cordy, you are really killing the chance of knowing who your partner really is

So what you should do in your first date is to take charge of the situation by asking good and relevant questions. make her do the talking while you do the listening.

Remember the cliché “the man with the question is in control”

Another don’t in your first outing with your new girl is NEVER dress shabbily. Your appearance on your first date matters a lot, if you want to have a repeated date with your woman create an impression with the way you dress

If you keep the do’s and don’ts in your first date it might really determine how loving your woman will be toward you after the date.

I’m not saying you should dress very expensive [though you can if you want to] but appearing too casual might not be the best for your first date. What you need to do is to dress maturedly and elegantly.

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