3 Super Tips To Stop The Break Up

Do you know of any super tips to stop your break up?



Do you know why break up happen in relationship?



If only you knew enough you will agree with me the reason why break up happen in most of the cases is because we do not tap into the huge potential of ideas and experiences all around us



The first super tip I’m revealing here today is something you heard so much about, yet you find so impossible to do….




What is caring?

One of the problem we face during our periods of courtship is, “what we value so high in our life can suddenly becomes almost nothing the moment we have gotten it”.



During courtship the fire is ever burning to love more, but after some few months into partnership, the marriage boat suddenly start to rock



One good reason a woman will see a relationship through is that he believe the other partner cared enough. You see, when you make your woman see how much you really care, the thought of break up or leaving will never really come up.





Show me a home the man hardly speaks to his wife and i will show you a home about to collapse.



If you have good flow of communication among the two of you, you know, speak the way like the day you first met, eagerly waiting to be heard and quickly recognizing when to say “I’m sorry”



Then your road map to a happy home is guaranteed!


Communication is the foundation to a healthy home. It will amaze you that close to 97% of breakups either in marriages or during courtship are caused by lack of genuine communication between the couples.



The last 3 super tips to stop a break up is finance. I do not care what peoples opinion is on this last tips but one thing that is clear to me is that “there is no romance without finance”.



Whatever you do, if truly you want to make your woman to be happy and stay with you to the end especially during your trial time you must have money.



People especially women love being spent on. buying them things like gift, take them out for dinner, have some few dollars left for their salon are some of the tips that can save your relationship from break up.



but if economic meltdown suddenly melt down your pocket then there is fire on the mountain. Most of the women out there dont care how you go about getting it but GET IT!




if you do not want to experience the painful trauma associated with break ups in relationship fell free to get this life transforming book “STEPS TO PLEASURE YOUR WOMAN.…”and make her moan with pleasure for FREE!.

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